Altered Notebook Tutorial

I thought I’d do a tutorial on how I made the notebooks on my School Days post just in case anyone was interested.

1.This how it started off.I bought a pack of these spiral bound notebooks with plastic covers from Poundland.

2.I removed the wire by straightening the ends with my fingers,no fancy tools needed, and just kept turning it round until it came out.Take care that it doesn’t get caught when you’re doing this.

3.Next I applied ultra adhesion double sided tape as close to the edges as possible.Probably not the best colour cover to demonstrate this as it’s almost identical to the backing on the tape LOL

4.I then covered it in patterned paper,turned it over and using the cover as a guide trimmed it as close to the edges as possible.It’s best to cut the paper slightly larger so it doesn’t make it too difficult to line it up especially when using ultra tape.If you make a mistake that’s it the paper will tear if you try to pull it off.

5.Next I turned it over again to put the holes back in.I’m lucky enough to have a Japanese screw punch with just the right sized attachment.You could probably use a small plier punch if you lined it up carefully.

6.Now for the fun part!Very neatly gather up and align the covers and the pages making sure the holes are lined up too.Wind the wire back through by turning it over and over.Keep checking that the wire is going back through every hole of every layer.You need to hold everything as firmly as possible.Once the wire is back in place bend and tuck the ends in.I found I could do this with my fingers but if you find it easier to you could use pliers.  

7.This is the best part.Decorate it however you choose.I made a topper with a stamped image coloured with Promarkers and some coordinating paper.


8.If you want to add that little bit extra you can make a matching pen.Take a clear barreled pen,remove the stopper,roll a narrow strip of paper and gently feed it in.Put the stopper back in and there you have it!I used a pokey/piercing tool as it did the least damage to the stopper. The elastic around the book came in handy to hold the pen in place too. 

Well I hope that wasn’t as clear as mud!!And that you give it a go.It really isn’t all that difficult otherwise I wouldn’t have done it.I really enjoyed making them.


Lisa x

2 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. Debbie
    Jul 28, 2010 @ 08:15:03

    fab tutorial! the notebook looks grreat x


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